How Should A Boot Fit?

At Circle E Western Store, we believe we're a good fit for everyone!  To prove it, WE MEASURE FEET.  That's right.  We get down on our hands and knees and use the right tools to make sure we fit you in a boot that's right for you.  Why?  Because it's the right thing to do. 

The right tool is a genuine Brannock Device, pictured below, which we use in our Men's, Ladies and Kids boot departments.  The secret is measuring not just heel-to-toe length, but also heel-to-ball (arch) length and width.  Most western boots allow plenty of room for the toe.  Arch length is crucial, however, for achieving a fit that supports the foot properly and lines up the widest part of your foot with the widest part of the boot.  This will ensure that your boot and your foot are bending in the same place and help your boots last longer.


We understand if you're reading this that you may not be able to visit our store for a proper boot fitting.  We encourage you to locate a footwear store that will take care of your feet properly by taking the time to measure and fit you in a boot that's right for you.  If, while you are there, you find some boots you like...and that fit right...we will be glad that you got a great fit.  If they don't have what you need, feel free to come check out our selections online or plan a trip to our store in historic and beautiful North East Texas.